Red Sea Organization appeals UNSC to take firm resolution to avert tanker’s oil spill

Red Sea Organization appeals UNSC to take firm resolution to avert tanker’s oil spill

Alsahwa Net-Secretary General of the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the environment of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden (PERSGA), Ziad Abu Ghararah appealed on Sunday to the UN Security Council (UNSC) to take firm resolution to avert a disastrous oil spill in the Red Sea waters.

Imminent oil spill from the Yemen’s Safe tanker will be a topic for discussion by the UNSC during a special session scheduled to take place next Wednesday. 

"I hope that the international community be aware of the extent of a global environmental damage expected in case over one million barrels of oil spilled into the Red Sea waters, said Abu Ghararah.

The potential oil spill could cause extinction of marine species exist only in the Red Sea, which means that a significant   part of the global living natural heritage and a genetic wealth would be lost forever, he added.

The likely oil spill would create also other economic, social and environmental negative impacts.

About 14.7 percent of the fish living the Red Sea is native which makes the site among the world top three regions in terms of proportion of native fish species, along with Hawaii Islands and Easter Island in the southeast of the Pacific Ocean, according to Abu Ghararah

He indicated that coral reefs in the Red Sea have become the only hope in the face of this endangered species worldwide as a result of the climate change.

He explained that researchers agree that coral reefs of the Red Sea would be able to withstand potential effects of the climate change.

He added that the Red Sea coral reef would be the sole source of the species restoration in other seas of the world which literally means that the chance of re-establishing life in other seas of the world would be lost in the event the Red Sea environment had been damaged.

He said that firm resolutions are critically required to avert a disaster in the Red Sea.

He explained that firm resolutions are needed to ensure access to the tanker by the UN inspectors to technically assess its condition and do the needful repairing service.

He added that the oil removal out of the tanker is a must to prevent similar disasters in the future.

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