Houthi snipers gun down new boy in Taiz

Houthi snipers gun down new boy in Taiz


In a continuation of the seemingly endless Houthi hunting of children in the central Yemen city of Taiz,  a Houthi sniper shot injured on Saturday a new young boy east of the city, local sources said.

The Shia extremist targeted Ahmed Adeeb, a 14-year-old boy, in the Cultural Center neighborhood in the city's downtown early on Saturday, Al-Harf and several other websites learnt from the sources.

Ahmed was playing around his house when the fired bullet penetrated his body near the shoulder.

The Houthi militia besieging the city for six years have killed and injured dozens of the city's children by sniper shooting alone, amidst a well entrenched ignorance - by the UN officials and western media outlets covering Yemen – to all news at odds with the Houthi narrative.

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