What is in the Yemeni Press Today?

What is in the Yemeni Press Today?



  1. A Houthi sniper shot fire towards many children playing in their neighborhood east of Taiz city today injuring one of them near his shoulder. Source: Al-Tagheer news website.

  2. Two civilians, on a motorbike, were killed by the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in the Red Sea port province of Hodeidah today, a military source told Anadolu news agency.

  3. Infighting between Houthi factions in seven rebel-held cities has left dozens of casualties over the past 35 days, Multiple news websites reported.
  4. Houthi militia physically eliminated Mohammed Suleiman Humran the theocratic militia's own man in charge of planting landmines in the western (Red Sea) coastline territories as part of the infighting. Multiple news websites reported. Marpress news website learnt the militia slayed Humran "to bury the secrecy of the landmines map."

  5. Military checkpoints from Brigade 35 in Taiz banned their newly appointed commander, Abdurahman Ashamsani, access to the brigade's headquarters to take over. Ashamsani was named a new commander by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Friday, to defuse the growing tensions between the brigade, under some sort of UAE influence, and the local government in the city center of Taiz. Source: This story was widely reported on news websites.

  6. Southern Yemen forces foiled a Houthi attack in al-Fakher north of Al-Dhale'a [south-north border province], Aden Al-Ghad, a pro-separatists website, said.

  7. Yemeni government leaders in Riyadh were moved from fancy hotels to new apartments in a modest building outside the city of the Saudi capital Riyadh, Multiple news websites reported.

  8. UN Special Envoy hands over Yemeni rivals a blueprint for peace, Multiple news websites reported.

  9. Clashes resumed between government and UAE militias in Sheikh Salem front in Abyan today, Multiple news websites reported.

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