Who to save Yemen from a Yemeni perspective

Who to save Yemen from a Yemeni perspective

By Sarah Hassan
Contributing opinion writer
Yemen has been undergoing the world's worst humanitarian crisis and its own longest and most violent war for years due to the September 2014 coup by the Houthi militia. So much that the country is now on the brink of open anarchy, famines and total economic collapse.  
The western media outlets and think-tanks covering the Yemeni war and some international officials speaking through them recommend the wrong solution to the conflict. Most news articles blame the misery on the government and Arab Coalition-led war that sought to subdue the theocratic militia's coup, stating and implying that the Coalition's aerial campaign  should be stopped. 
This recommendation is the core demand of Houthis. The terrorist militia is on the doorstep of the last government strongholds in the east and the west, and a cessation of air bombings means the bigoted militia may overrun the cities, commit genocides against hundreds of thousands of refugees. That is, defeating the people and putting the militia in power. 
This is what western media's perspective will lead to!
The mainstream Yemeni perspective  is to end the war by 
- empowering the constantly defensive army to conduct offensive operations and prosecute the war against the extremist militia fast.
Otherwise, Yemen faces the risk of staying in de facto partition or even worse – the sectarian extremists may take control of the rest of Yemen and rule over the oppositionist majority. 
 - reinstating the much missed government back to power.
-  and allowing Yemen, rich by itself, to depend on its own resources right from the second day as follows:
A-  The international community should ensure that the country's biggest industrial project, a gas liquefied natural gas plant, be de-militarized by the occupying UAE forces and allowed to operate again. The millions of dollars of revenues from this project alone can prop up the state to function and resume paying the long unpaid public salaries again. 
B- The looted money during Saleh's era, estimated at USD 60 billion, is now in foreign banks across the word. The UN was asking donors for $2.4 billion at the Yemen Donors Conference in Saudi Arabia earlier last month, only part of which amount was pledged. . If the UN is serious about helping Yemen, restituting these looted funds alone will eventually wipe out the humanitarian crisis altogether and perhaps turn Yemen to a relatively rich country. 
C- Yemen has about 2000 km long coastline on one of the most active and strategic shipping lanes in the world. Of all the Yemeni seaports, Aden seaport alone, if operated, may bring to the Yemeni people 75 billion USD in revenues a year. The UAE's separatist militias are closing the seaport for years. 
Who in the world does not know these facts?
Having an agenda bias, western media and think-tanks ignore these facts and force-feed international politicians and mass audience misleading information about the causes of the Yemeni crisis and on how to save Yemen. A narrative that reinforces the partition and collapse of Yemen, and supports Houthis, the prime authors of Yemen's misfortune.

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