Report: Houthis recruited over 7,000 child soldiers

Report: Houthis recruited over 7,000 child soldiers

Alsahwa Net- A new human rights report said that the Houthis militia recruited over 7,000 children of below 15 years old.

 The recruited child soldiers came from Sana’a capital city, Sana'a governorate, Sa’ada, Dhamar, Amran and Hajja, according to the report.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms which prepared the report, said that Hajja represents the major source of child fighters which suggests large deception among the communities to the Houthis’ sectarian plot.

 It said that 64 percent of the child soldiers remain in service fighting for the Houthis’ side.

Yet, parents managed to bring 418 children home, the report said.

So far, 1,260 child soldiers were killed, 253 others were wounded and 371 were arrested prisoners.

About 264 children remain missing, according to the report.

Amran and Sana’a governorates came the second on the list of provinces with child fighters.

The report said that child soldiers were also recruited in great numbers from Dhamar, Sa’ada and the capital Sana’a.

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