Second Houthi ballistic missile injures two girls in Marib

Second Houthi ballistic missile injures two girls in Marib


Houthi extremists injured two young girls in a second ballistic missile they fired on the government-held city of Marib in eastern Yemen on Wednesday, it has just been reported.

Local sources said the Shia militants fired a missile on the city in the afternoon and a second one at 7.05 pm during sunset time, the latter of which hit its target, a neighborhood in the middle of the city, and injured two girls with shrapnel.

Marib is a small city populated by three millions most of them escapees from the Houthi militia, so much that it is locally dubbed as the "city of refugees." The militia keep continually target the city with ballistic missiles and on occasions incur horrific carnages among civilians.  

The UN officials in Yemen and western media reporting on the conflict in Yemen constantly avert gaze from the Houthi atrocities as though they don't happen.

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