Gov’t: Iranian vessels smuggle weapons and violate Yemeni waters

Gov’t: Iranian vessels smuggle weapons and violate Yemeni waters

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen said on Monday that Iran continues smuggling arms including ballistic missiles and the uncrewed aerial vehicles to the Houthis by using fishing boats in the Yemeni territorial waters to disguise their acts.

In a virtual meeting, the government criticized the frequent hostile fishing activities by the Iranian vessels in the Yemeni territorial waters which exhaust the country’s fishery resources.

It said that users of the Iranian vessels fire ammunition nearby boats of the Yemeni fishermen and use them to cover smuggling of arms to the Houthis militia.

It demanded the UN and the five permanent member countries of the UNSC to condemn these hostile activities and pressurize the Iranian regime to halt its practices that violate Yemen's sovereignty, security and stability.

During the meeting, Minister of Fishery Wealth, Fahd Kefayen, said that Iranian vessels conduct illegal fishing in the Yemeni waters and continue violating the Yemeni territorial waters in west Socotra archipelago and the Arabian Sea.

He said that the Iranian boats entered last week over nine miles into the Yemeni coast southwest Socotra and off Abd Al-Kawri Island.

 He affirmed that these boats continue exhausting Yemen's maritime wealth and traffic the weapons to the rebels.

A recent report published late last month by a UK-based website said that Iranian ships conducted last year the world’s largest illegal fishing in the Yemeni waters.

The report said that 192 Iranian boats illegally fished in Somalia and Yemen's territorial waters last year, depleting food supplies in countries where millions of people are facing acute shortages of food.

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