What is in the Yemeni Press Today?

What is in the Yemeni Press Today?

- All money exchange businesses have closed business in Aden until further notice after UAE-backed STC militants stormed a number of money exchange businesses, the Union of Money Exchangers said in a statement. *Source: Multiple media outlets reported this story. 
- Yemen Riyal is collapsing fast. The Yemeni Riyal devalued to YR 200 versus one Saudi Riyal (from YR 195 three days ago and YR 150 three months ago). *Source: Multiple news websites

- STC militias looted the Big Ben Aden, a historical landmark clock tower built during the the British colonisation of Aden in the nineteenth century. *Source: Multiple news websites.
- People in Almotoon district of Aljawf desert in north Yemen found an explosive device weighing 200 kg left by the Houthi militia near a house in the area. *Source: Multiple news websites
- Yemen's Government reiterated on Monday its support for the One-China policy under which Taiwan is an inseparable part of China's territory. *Source: Yemen state-run news agency (Saba).
- Houthi militia self-styled court sentences a minor by the name Jamil al-Qamaee to five years in jail in Sana'a on charges of gathering intelligence for a foreign country.  *Source: Multiple media outlets. 
- In a highly controversial statement senior Houthi figure a founder of the theocratic militia and former leader of its "Political Council" Saleh Habrah said on his facebook page: "What is the use of ruling a nation who don't want us to rule them?" He said: "By the policy of deception we made the people of Saada live in hell for years and tjhrown thousands of people in jails under the pretext that they plant spy chips, a mere baseless lie. We have not found one chip." *Source: Multiple news websites. 
- Speaker of the Yemeni parliament demanded firm international action against Houthis as the militia occupied an MP's house in Sana'a and evicted its occupants out. 

- Fishery Minister said Iranian vessels have recently entered the Yemeni territorial waters in Socotra. *Source: Multiple news websites.

- The national committee on coronavirus reported 19 new confirmed cases in Hadhramout province on Monday. *Source: Multiple news websites.

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