Houthis delegation refuses meeting Griffiths in Muscat

Houthis delegation refuses meeting Griffiths in Muscat

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis delegation refused on Sunday meeting the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths in Muscat following disputes with the UN and the government over management of tax fees on fuel imports at Hodeida port.

Griffiths met Omani officials, yet the Houthis leaders in Muscat rejected the meeting with Griffiths in a protest against the latter who attempted to provide guarantees to the government on entrance of the fuel vessels to Hodeida port in exchange the Houthis pay collected customs fees to the Bank account of public servants’ monthly payments.

The dispute on fuel imports emerged again following looting of YR35 billion ($58 million) by the Houthis from the Public Servants’ account which is supervised by the UN at the Central Bank office in Hodeida.

Consequently, the government suspended permits to the fuel vessels to enter Hodeida port which led to acute fuel shortage in the Houthis-held areas.

Yet, the government said it exceptionally has permitted four fuel vessels to cross into Hodeida port following a promise by Griffiths that the Houthis do not steal the money again.

Sources close to the government say that the Houthis were provoked by Griffiths’s promise as they persist on looting the revenues of Hodeida port for their military effort and refuse the UN proposal on paying the money to the benefit of the public servants.

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