What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?

What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?

- Yemen's temporary capital, Aden, is seeing an increase of counterfeited Riyal banknotes since the capture of the city by the Southern Transitional Council last August, money exchange specialists said. * Source of the story: Alm-Mashehad Al-Yemen and other news websites. 
- Deputy Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament Abdulaziz Jubari arrived in the government-held city of Marib coming from the Saudi capital Riyadh where the President and other state officials are discussing the formation of a new Cabinet. Jubari is said to have left the Saudi capital in protest at interference and pressures by "third (non-Yemeni) parties" on President Hadi to pick a Prime Minister and ministers of their own choosing. * Source: Multiple news websites. 
- Saudi mine action program MASAM extracted more than five thousand Houthi-laid landmines from different parts of Yemen in the month of June alone. * Source: Multiple news websites. 
- Houthi militia controlling the capital Sana'a stormed the house of Abdurazak Alhajri the chief of the bloc of Islah MPs in the parliament, evicted his family by force and occupied the house.  * Source: Multiple news websites.

- Lawyer Faysal al-Qayfi the chief of the International Alliance for Rights and Freedoms Advocacy said in a meeting with European peace activists accused Houthis of spreading racism and seeking to divide Yemen into classes: masters and tribesmen. * Source of the story: Nabdh al-Share'a news website.

- Houthi rebels say the five oil shipments allowed by the Arab Coalition into their areas of control cannot last them for more than five days. * Source: Multiple news websites. 

- Waleed Abduh Quleisi, a 12-year-old boy, was injured when a Houthi sniper shot him today in Al-Tohayta district in the Red Sea port province of Hodeidah. * Source: Multiple news websites.  
- Weeks after occupying Socotra, the UAE has begun establishing a military base west of the Yemeni archipelago. * Source: Multiple news websites including Alharf. 
- (Foreign countries are exercising) big pressures on President Hadi in exile to appoint their favorite candidates for the new Cabinet.  * Source: Multiple news websites 
- Yemen army downs Houthi armed drone in Marib. * Source: Multiple news websites. 
- Drug dealing and addiction to drugs is thriving in Houthi-held Sana'a. * Source: Several news websites. 
- Houthi ballistic missile missed its target (government controlled area) and landed in an empty area within its areas of control in Aljawf desert. * Source: Multiple news websites.
- The Association of Mothers of Abducted Hostages in Houthi Jails demanded in a statement the Houthi militia to unveil the whereabout and destiny of a 57 year old woman by the name Khalida Al-Asbahi who was forcibly disappeared by the militia 2 years ago. * Source: Several news websites. 
- The Arab Parliament called the Houthi recent attacks against Saudi Arabia a violation of the UN charter holding the Iranian regime accountable. 
- Brief clashes erupted between the government forces one hand and the UAE-backed Abu Al-Abbas Battalions and other militias on the other, outside the city of Taiz early Saturday. * Source: Several news websites.
- Economy experts at Sana'a Research Center said the Yemeni central bank won't be able to perform its functions anymore in the temporary capital Aden after the Southern Transitional Council militia seized city and declared self rule. A report by the center advised the government to move the bank to Shabwa or Sayoon, two cities under the government's control. The UAE-backed separatist militia had robbed the bank's funds twice. The seized funds amounts to nearly YR 190 billion.

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