Houthis massacre black family in north Yemen

Houthis massacre black family in north Yemen

By Sarah Hassan
Houthis killed four black men and injured others in Yemen's northern province of Amran on Saturday, after the dark-skinned refused to be recruited to the Shia militants' warfronts against the government.
The Houthi local Security Supervisor Abu Ali al-Khawlani was trying to recruit marginalized people in the area upon directives of the Houthi leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi last month. 
The female relatives of the slain yanked a firearm from one of the escorts of Al-Khawlani and shot Al-Khawlani dead and arrested the escorts. 
Yemeni historians say the Imams dynasty, ancestors of Houthis, who pre-1962 divided Yemen into a caste ladder, placing themselves on the top as descendants of prophet Mohammed and Yemenis of African descent at the bottom in violation of the tenets of Islam.

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