NGO documents 100 violations against journalists sincr January

NGO documents 100 violations against journalists sincr January

Alsahwa Net- The Media Freedom Observatory, a local human rights NGO advocates the press freedom, declared on Wednesday reporting 100 cases of violations against the Yemeni journalists and the media outlets during the first six months of this year.

The reported violations included two murder cases, death sentence ruled against four journalists, five cases of abduction, one wounded reporter and seven cases of arbitrary arrest.

Three journalists were assaulted, eight others received death threats, four media professionals were dismissed from their jobs and five attacks targeted press organizations, the report said.

The NGO condemned the continuous persecution against the media professionals by parties to the conflict in Yemen.

The report blamed the Houthis for the major number of violations inflicted on the journalists with being responsible for 61 violations of the reported cases.

The pro-government forces were blamed for 28 cases of the 100 violations.

It called on all parties to the conflict in Yemen to immediately abandon targeting media workers and social media activists.

 It affirmed the need to prosecute perpetrators of such crimes and bring them to justice.



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