UNSC calls for implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement

UNSC calls for implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement

Alsahwa Net- The UN Security Council (UNSC) called on Monday concerned parties in Yemen to promptly implement Al-Riyadh agreement and demanded commitment to good intentions to enable return of the peace to Yemen.

In a statement released on Monday’s evening, the UNSC renewed unanimously its strong commitment to Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, independence and integrity of its territory.

Members of the UNSC welcomed the truce declared by Saudi-led coalition between the government forces and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and deployment of Saudi ceasefire monitors.

The council expressed deep concern to slow negotiation and called on the concerned parties to swiftly resume talks.

It condemned attacks by the uncrewed aerial vehicles targeted recently Saudi Arabia.

It renewed support to the UN Secretary General call for halting all hostile acts.

It affirmed its unchanged support to efforts by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths to reach a nationwide-ceasefire agreement and the humanitarian and economic measures aimed at resumption of the peace talks for a comprehensive solution based on the references.

It called on effective participation with the UN envoy to implement the agreed measures to ensure regular flow of the fuel to Hodeida port.

It also expressed deep concern by the growing threat of the Safer oil tanker rupture in the Red Sea which might cause an environmental and economic disaster to Yemen and its neighbors.

It affirmed the need that the Houthis allow unconditionally the UN technical teams access the tanker to assess its condition and do the required repairing service.

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