Iranian ships conducted illegal fishing in Yemeni waters

Iranian ships conducted illegal fishing in Yemeni waters

Alsahwa Net- A recent report said that Iranian ships conducted last year the world’s largest illegal fishing in the Yemeni waters.

The report which was published on Monday 29 June by the UK-based Middle East eye news website said that 192 Iranian boats illegally fished in Somalia and Yemen's territorial waters last year, depleting food supplies in countries where millions of people are facing acute shortages of food.

It cited the Global Fishing Watch (GFW) and Trygg Mat Tracking (TMT) saying that the "activity taking place is likely one of the largest illegal fishing operations occurring in the world".

The organizations said that Iranian vessels had been illegally operating in the countries' territorial waters between January 2019 and April 2020, with the scale of the operation only uncovered after the ships began using a collision-avoidance system that allowed their locations to be susceptible to tracking.

GFW and TMT both noted that the illegal operations were made possible due to insufficient maritime security, making patrolling the vast maritime territory difficult.

Both Somalia and Yemen have had their maritime security capacity weakened by unrest and civil war, which makes their waters susceptible to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing."

The report said that a smaller subset of vessels from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka were also reported to be operating in the waters.

About 16 million people in Yemen suffer starvation every day.

This number is expected to go up to 20 million people amid lack of the humanitarian food aids.

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