Seeking job opportunity

Seeking job opportunity

Left his family to look for a work in Sana’a, Naji Ghaleb, 30 years old never hurt the Houthis militants nor wrote a anti-Houthis tweet at all.

 Ghalib quarreled with members of the Al-Sobaha Security Checkpoint, at the Western Entrance of Sana’a following delay of the vehicle he was in for inspection.

The dispute developed then into a hand clashing.

 Then, other militants ran over Ghalib and assaulted him badly.

They took him to the custody of Mutna Police Station, nearby the site.

He says: “I went to Sana’a looking for a job. I paid a goodbye to my pregnant wife and suddenly found myself in a dark cell blanketed with broken bones, blood-stained face and a bundle of charges; punishment of the least one is death.”

He went on saying: “I found out that I’m accused of being an arm smuggler and a regime opponent and attacking the Houthis checkpoint.”

“The most dangerous charge was a membership of a prostitution network. They were supposed to charge me with quarreling and that is all,” he said.

“I had stayed for five weeks in the custody under torture that I could not have imagined it was happening in our home country,” Ghaleb said.

 “They used to chain me to the ceiling and two Houthis leaders: Abu Yahya and Abu Abdullah were exchanging the job of assaulting me using a large baton,” he said, “They were hitting me until my body changes into green.”

“I was allowed to sleep only two hours a day in the morning,” Ghaleb said.

“One month later, they contacted my family and my father took me out of the custody for YR250,000 ($416) and I was a semi-diseased,” he concluded.


These stories of torture in the Houthis-detention centers are not fiction. They are based on facts that continue happening to citizens that supposedly enjoy their legal rights or at least their human rights.

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