Survivors of death share part of misery they had in Houthis-run detention centers

Survivors of death share part of misery they had in Houthis-run detention centers

Alsahwa Net- Abdurrahman, a 20-year young man ended up in the Criminal Investigation Prison in the capital Sana’a upon his arrival to the city coming from his village in Haraz, on his motorbike.

The Houthis militia arrested him when he stopped nearby a group of gunmen asking for directions to Khawlan Street as it was the first time, he visits Sana'a.

Sitting on the door of her home in the village, Saood, Abdurrahman’s mother, recalls memories of her son.

 Her tears stained her cheeks when she received the news of her son's arrest.

She speaks about her son with a sobbing voice.

She says: “They exercised every form of torture against him, used every tool of assault and swore at him with every bad word”.

“We hardly recognized his face when he was released,” she says, “He was unable to sit and his body had several marks of burns and assaults.”

His family attempted to speak to a mediator for his release, but no use. His abductors claimed that he belongs to the Al-Qaeda.”

His father contacted in vain many people to know the status of his son.

 Two months of his arrest passed, but his family knew nothing about him, and no evidence was given for his arrest.

 His father works at a farm day and night and never heard of the term “Al-Qaeda”.

Abdurrahman was enlisted to the list of forcibly disappeared people as his family could not communicate with him at all.

His friend says: “They were forcing him to drink from the sewage water, to say bad words against himself and his family.”

“He was hit with a myriad number of slaps,” his friend says.

 Three months later, he was released with a letter of a apology and a tribal arbitration by Abu Thayer claiming a name suspicion with another security wanted man.”

His friend addes: “He requested me not to tell anyone as he was scared from them. But now he is buried and will meet his foes tomorrow in front of the most justice Allah.”

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