What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?

What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?

        The central and most heated topic the stories in most Yemeni media outlets today (and the past days as well) have revolved around was the capture of Socotra by the UAE's proxy - the STC militia. Different media outlets highlighted overt occupational behaviors by the UAE in the archipelago from removing the Yemeni flag and replacing it with the UAE's, through laying foundation stones for Emirati projects and displacement of Yemeni oppositionists to the naturalization of the islands' people to become Emirati citizens. Many websites continue to deplore the government's failure to show due concern on this matter of national sovereignty.

The Yemeni press addressed as well a range of related and other issues, as follows:

-      Three government soldiers were killed and four others were injured in an ambush by southern separatists in Abyan despite President Hadi's declaration of ceasefire from the government's side on Saturday in response to Saudi mediation. * Source of story: Several media outlets

-      The separatist Southern Transitional Council is now escalating tensions in Hadhramout as the province's governor remains off the country. * Source: Several media outlets including Belqees TV channe.

-      Twenty one people died of coronavirus in Shabwa province east of Yemen. * Source: Belqees TV channel.


-      Government force repel Houthi attacks in south Yemen's Dhale'a province and eastern Yemen's Marib: Source * Source: Several media outlets.

-      The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Abuses, an NGO, unveiled today that "the Houthis are holding more than 20 thousand detainees in official and unofficial detention facilities in the rebel militia's areas of control." It also unveiled other important figures: that Houthis have 7000 child soldiers in their ranks at the moment and that 6000 Yemenis have been killed or injured by the militia's landmines since the beginning of the ongoing conflict in March 2015. * Source: Marib Press, Saba net and other news websites.

-      The UK is threatening to raise the Houthi failure to cooperate on the issue of the oil tanker to the UN Security Council. Houthis have disallowed UN maintenance experts access to the rusty and dangerous vessel loaded with 1.4 million barrels of oil. Source: Several media outlets.

-      Pope Francis prays for Yemen. * Source: Several media outlets.

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