What did the Yemeni Press Say Today

What did the Yemeni Press Say Today

 -     Gunmen assassinated Karamah Abbad a policeman in Sayoon of Hadhramout on Saturday. The incident comes amid increase number of assassinations against government soldiers in the eastern Yemen province. * Several media outlets reported this story.


-      Houthi militia wounded three elderly patients in a leprosy hospital in Taiz on Friday, official and civilian sources said. The militants besieging and continuously attacking the central Yemen city for six years fired a tank shell on the hospital in al-Noor bock of the city injury three patients all of them 60 years and above in age. The local Human Rights Ministry branch office condemned the attack in a statement. * Several media outlets reported this story.


-      As men from the tribal class refuse further soldiering and recruiting to Houthi warfronts, the rebel militia are resorting to the marginalized Yemenis. * Yemeni Khabar news ageny reported this story


-      Houth rocket kills three civilians in a wedding feast in in Hodeidah province, west of Yemen. * Several media outlets reported this story.


-      Yemeni Riyal continues fast depreciation against foreign currencies. * Several media are reporting this story.


-      Yemeni army downs Houthi drone in Hodeidah in the country's west.

-      An ordinary citizen was killed today by a Houthi security supervisor in Dhamar province. * This story was reported by Almasdar online news website.


-      * Yemeni army repels fresh Houthi attempts of incursion into the besieged city of Taiz. Casualties incurred.

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