Arab Parliament calls for restoring situation in Aden and Socotra

Arab Parliament calls for restoring situation in Aden and Socotra

Alsahwa Net-The Arab Parliament called on Wednesday for restoring the situation in Aden and Socotra to their previous status and to put the interest of the Yemeni people above all other advantages.

It affirmed on the need to retrieve the state departments and to fight off terrorism and threats posed by the Houthis militia.

This was pronounced in a statement released by the Arab Parliament’s session held virtually on Wednesday, which was chaired by the Speaker of the Parliament, Mushaal Al-Sulemi.

It renewed its unchanged position that supports the internationally recognized legitimate government of Yemen, led by President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi to counter the Houthis’ rebellion, retrieve the state institutions, support Yemen’s security, stability and unity and integrity and sovereignty of its territory.

It affirmed on the need to fulfil commitment to the implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement and to halt adoption of political attitude or actions that disagree with the agreement.

It slammed the Khumus [one fifth share] document on public resources and individual incomes that was released by the Houthis last month.  

 It said that such acts represent unacceptable racial practice which obviously infringes the dignity and humanity of the Yemeni people.

 It added that the document breaches flagrantly the Yemeni constitution, international covenants and principles of equality and social justice.

It emphasized on the need to make a national law that criminalize all forms of discrimination and racism.

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