Vendors protest removal of their shops in Ibb

Vendors protest removal of their shops in Ibb

Alsahwa Net-A group of vendors staged on Tuesday a sit-in in in Ibb city protesting removal of their informal shops to the advantage of a local businessman affiliated to the Houthis militia.

Eyewitnesses said that the vendors organized their sit-in before the governor’s office in Ibb in a protest to termination of their informal businesses.

 The Houthis militants bulldozed the informal shops and inflicted material loss on the vendors.

The protesters said that they were oppressed as sources of their livelihoods were destroyed with no notice or maintenance of their dignity and advantage.

They added that they lost their decent work for a dignified living.

The Houthis swept away over 150 informal shops in Shuban area of Jibla district, south Ibb city amid widespread discontent among the citizens.

The vendors’ fury sparked more when they learned that informal shops that belong to Houthis’ affiliated vendors were not harmed by the Houthis-run Public Works Office.

They said that the removal of the informal shops was not taken to mitigate the over-crowded street, but to benefit a Houthis-affiliated businessman who started constructing a large market to lease it out to vendors.

They said that their informal shops were licensed by the Public Works Office in Ibb and they were regularly paying fees for permits for doing their businesses on the street amid frequent collection of illegal tax.

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