Gov’t denies agreement with Saudi Aramco on Yemeni oil -source area

Gov’t denies agreement with Saudi Aramco on Yemeni oil -source area

Alsahwa Net- An official source of the Ministry of Oil in Aden denied on Monday a news story based on a fake document circulated on social media platforms claiming that an agreement has been struck between the government of Yemen and the Saudi Aramco on oil exploration in the “Black Triangle” area located between Marib, Al-Jawf and Shabwa.

The source affirmed that the published information is untrue.

 It called on the media outlets to verify stories and to not use the media for circulating lies and rumors.

It indicated that striking such agreement is regulated by the Yemeni Constitution and it is only the Parliament that endorses thereof.

 It said that “the following up of fabricated stories indicates a lack of professionalism and that everyone is required to seek accuracy and avoid damaging the public interest.”

It said that the Ministry of Oil will sue those who initiated the publishing of the fake document.

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