Assassinations rock Aden again

Assassinations rock Aden again

Alsahwa Net-Anonymous gunmen murdered on Monday’s evening one solider and injured another civilian in Dar Sa’ad district, north Aden.

Local sources said that the unknown gunmen fired at the two persons while they were standing nearby the Zahrat Al-Rabee Hotel in Dar Sa’ad.

The sources said that the solider died instantly and the other unidentified injured man was taken to the hospital.

The levels of insecurity and murder incidents increased significantly in Aden following seizure of the city by the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC).

Aden saw chains of assassinations during the last three years where over 400 people including government officials, military leaders and religious leaders were killed by unknown gunmen.

 All cases of murder remain a mystery as not a single case was investigated into or any arrests were made thereon.   

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