NGO condemns civilians’ abduction in Socotra

NGO condemns civilians’ abduction in Socotra

Alsahwa Net-The Abductees’ Mothers Association expressed on Monday its deep concern and strong condemnation to intimidations against civilians in Socotra being exercised by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia. Reported intimidations included abduction of civilians and journalists and storming houses.

These intimidations intensified following seizure of Socotra by the STC  last Friday.

In a news release, the association said that the STC militants abducted journalist, Abdullah Badahen and that the latter has not been released until writing of this news story.

The association demanded the STC in Socotra to immediately release all the abductees and arbitrary detainees.

It held the STC accountable to safety of the detainees.

It demanded the STC to deal responsibly with the detainees in a way that ensures maintenance of their dignity and freedoms

It appealed to the United Nations (UN) and human rights groups including the Representative of UN Human Rights High Commissioner in Yemen to promptly intervene for the release of Badahen and to act for halting illegal detentions.

The association said that the enforced disappearance which is being used by the STC militias in Aden remains a painful issue to the humanity.

It indicated that such practices complicate chances of reaching harmony and destroy the public peace.

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