US condemns again Houthis’ death orders against journalists

US condemns again Houthis’ death orders against journalists

Alsahwa Net-The US Department of State condemned again last Friday the Houthis’ death orders against the Yemeni detained journalists.

“The Houthis sentenced to death Yemeni journalists who revealed their brutal policies,” the US Department of State Tweeted.

 “And now [Houthis] want to silence the Representative of the UN Human Rights, Elobaid,” the tweet read.

The Houthis banned last month Representative of the UN Human Rights Commissioner to Yemen, Ahmed Elobaid from returning to Sana’a and demanded his change on the background of his statement on the Houthis’ corruption and their looting of the humanitarian aids.

The US ambassador to Yemen, Christopher Henzel, condemned last April the Houthis’ death sentencing against four Yemeni journalists.

The four death sentenced journalists are part of a group of ten journalists who were abducted by the Houthis militants from hotel in Sana’a in June 2015.

The other six journalists were ruled to three- year imprisonment.

Human rights groups and families to the ten detained reporters, say that the detained journalists were illegally detained, forcibly disappeared and tortured.

Local and international organizations called frequently on the Houthis to release the detained journalists to save their lives against the COVID-19 that has been confirmed spread in the Houthis-run detention centers.

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