What did the Yemeni press write today?

What did the Yemeni press write today?

-         The central bank has informed the government it won't be able to pay the salary of June 2020 to public servants after the STC separatists looted the bank's money twice this month. Yemen Voice website reported this story learning from "official sources."


-         Yemeni MP Mufadhal al-Abbarah told Yemen's flagship TV channel: The parliament has failed to issue a statement condemning the capture of Socotra by the STC. We have found that the pro-UAE bloc in the Yemeni parliament is the largest.

-         The ministers of state, legal affairs, industry and foreign affairs have resigned over the capture of Socotra by UAE-backed separatists. Several media outlets reported the story.

-         Houthi militia seize 150 domestic gas trailers as the population in their areas of control suffer shortages. Reported by several media outlets.

-         As women face abuses in Houthi jails in Sana'a, two female inmates have been hospitalized after they tried to commit suicide this week, human rights organizations say. Reported by several media outlets.

-         - Commemorating the annual anniversary of the Iranian-inspired slogal "God is Great Death to America," the Houthis spent one million US dollars on  posters and fliers campaign. The story is reported by al-Ray Press

-         Houthi militia arrested a 70 year-old woman and her young grandchild for unknown reasons in Sana'a. Several news websites reported the story.


-         Twenty Houthis got killed as army repelled their attack in Nehm. east of Sana'a, Al-Mashehad al-Yemeni news website reported.


-         Yemenis outraged as the parliament kept silent over STC's capture of Socotra. Several media wrote on this topic.


-         The network of Marib gas-fueled power plant comes under attack that causes outage, Several TV channels and news websites reported it.


-         STC separatists are deporting northerners from Socotra which they captured days ago from the government. The UAE-backed militants are storming houses and rounding up local oppositionists including journalists to jail.


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