Taiz: Backhoes dig rows of graves as coronavirus death toll rises

Taiz: Backhoes dig rows of graves as coronavirus death toll rises

"It is better to die of coronavirus than to die of hunger with your children at home," says Mohammed al-Sharaabi a street vendor in Taiz, a city in central Yemen. Shadi Mohammed another street vendor says he chooses "to work and face the lesser risk of death" - from coronavirus. "

The people's inability to adhere to the stay-at-home orders is causing a dramatic rise in burials that mass graves are now dug with backhoes, according to local sources.

The governmental coronavirus committee confirmed 48 deaths and 464 infections. "But many people contract the contagion or die without going to hospitals, hence many figures go off the radar of the committee," says Nayef Salem, a local doctor.

In Taiz there are only two healthcare centers managing the novel virus, but both are appealing for an international assistance to provide them "with medical oxygen."

Taiz, Yemen's forgotten city in the six-year war between the government and the Houthis, is under a six-year siege and continual rocket shelling by the Shia extremist militia. This has left the city's one's robust health system in tatters.


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