Child soldier speaks about his recruitment by Houthis

Child soldier speaks about his recruitment by Houthis

Alsahwa Net- Abdulsalam Mohammed Qasim, a 13-year old child soldier shared his story about the way he ended up in a warfront, fighting for the Houthis’ side.

The Houthis used the bad living standards of his family to persuade him join their forces in Nehm district, east Sana'a.

Qasim, a fourth-grade student said that he was deceived by one of the Houthis’ leaders named: Rabee Saleh who convinced him to attend an educational training course where he would learn some verses of the Quran and other religious lessons and would eventually be gifted something as a reward for his attendance.

Qasim who comes from Al-Shenan of Al-Jawf governorate, said that he and others who attended the course were requested to go to a distant place to wait for a commission that would pay them some money as a gift for their participation in the course.

Yet, no commission showed up and everyone was taken to the fighting front in Nehm.

Three hours later, their site came under attack by the government’s forces and Qasim had to turn himself in and about 12 fighters who were with him were killed, Qasim said.

He urged his peers to not believe in what the Houthis’ leaders say.

“Go home, do not allow the Houthis to use you,” said Qasim.

He assured his family that he is fine.

Qasim is only one of hundreds of children being recruited by the Houthis by financial persuasion and eventually were sent to the warfronts without permission of their families.

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