Epidemics take toll on residents of Ibb

Epidemics take toll on residents of Ibb

Alsahwa Net- Multiple epidemics including the Covid-19 killed 27 people during the past three days in Ibb governorate, in central Yemen.

Local sources said that the 27 diseased people died at home with no healthcare.

Some of the reported deaths in various parts of Ibb, had the Covid-19 like symptoms, the sources said.

The Houthis-held Ibb is said to have been experiencing a high spread of the Covid-19 amid continued coverup by the Houthis officials on the number of coronavirus deaths.

The UN stated frequently that the virus has been spreading unmitigated and unrecorded in Yemen amid low health capacity to respond to the infection.

The collapsing health system is also overwhelmed by other epidemics including cholera, malaria and dengue fever.

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