Media bias without limits: Houthi war invisible, Houthi claim big story

Media bias without limits: Houthi war invisible, Houthi claim big story

By Sarah Hassan

There is nothing you can prove in the Yemeni war more than the bias of non-Arab media than the bias in favor of the Shia terror militia fighting to install a theocratic reign over all Yemen.

I have published like dozens of stories on the matter. Let's look at the latest.

Houthis have been violating an Arab Coalition and Yemeni government truce unilaterally in effect since April: Attacking government cities of Marib and Taiz and killing civilians in cold blood. And finally on Monday the organization launched a new large-scale offensive against Marib and Beidha enlisting 2500 fighters, tanks and armored vehicle with the declared aim of controlling the remaining Yemeni territories under the government's control. But all of this was not invisible to the non-Arab media covering Yemen and hence garnered no coverage, despite civilian casualties already falling and key humanitarian conduits to several town and villages getting cut.

But as the Shia militia claimed on the same day (Monday) the death of 13 allegedly "civilian" children by an Arab Coalition airstrike in the militia's birthplace, Saada, the media were so quick to post stories on the alleged incident and condemnations of it.

"The Turkish Anadolu Attack in Yemen's Saada 'terrible, unjustified body," read the headline of the Anadolu Agency.

"Yemen's rebels: Saudi coalition airstrike kills 13 civilians," read the Associated Press' headline. And more sites paid attention to the story - and per the Houthi narrative! 

It is no exaggeration to say that the bias of foreign media in favor off the Shia militia knows no limits!

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