Gov’t demands again relocation of the UN Hodeida Mission

Gov’t demands again relocation of the UN Hodeida Mission

Alsahwa Net- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, said on Tuesday that the government has not received any response yet from the UN Hodeida Mission on relocation of its headquarters from Hodeida to a neutral site.

The government suspended on 12 March participation of its members to the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) following the death of one government member to the RCC from injuries he sustained while on duty.

Al-Hadhrami voiced this during a phone conversation with the Swedish Special Envoy to Yemen, Peter Semneby.

Al-Hdhrami and Semneby discussed Yemen’s developments, peace efforts and outcomes of the Yemen donor pledging conference, the state-run Saba News Agency reported.

Al-Hadhrami demanded again that the headquarters of the UN Hodeida Mission must be relocated to a neural place.

He affirmed that the suspension of the government’s representatives to the RCC will continue until the mission creates a suitable environment for performing its tasks.

He said that one government member to the RCC, Mohmmed Al-Sulaihi was killed while on duty within the RCC’s mandate.

He appreciated contribution by Sweden at the Yemen donor conference that was held early this month in Saudi Arabia to fund the UN humanitarian response plan in the country.

He said that the government dealt positively with efforts by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen and agreed on a proposal draft on some economic and humanitarian measures.

However, the Houthis rejected the UN efforts and continued their military escalation, according to Al-Hadhrami.

For his part, Semneby expressed his hope that security and stability return Yemen soon.

He affirmed his country’s readiness to do any possible effort that can bring a comprehensive and sustainable peace in Yemen.


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