Parliament questions govt on looting of Yemen central bank cash

Parliament questions govt on looting of Yemen central bank cash

Alsahwa Net-The Yemeni Parliament has questioned the government about the looting of a large sum of cash belonging to the central bank in separatists-controlled Aden three days ago.

The Southern Transitional Council, a UAE-owned separatist guarilla, controlling Aden and fighting the government north of it were paradoxically assigned by collaborators in the government to escort cash containers from Aden Seaport to the Central Bank's headquarters on Saturday, paradoxically too, still operating from the city. The gang, sure enough, escorted the cash convoy half the way, before hijacking it and going somewhere unknown.

The speaker of the Yemeni parliament addressed a letter to Maeen Abdulmalik the prime minister asking him how did the government send its revenues to Aden which is controlled by separatists at war with the government and who assigned STC militants in particular to escort the money.

The looted amount reportedly totals 80 billion Yemeni riyals (roughly USD 1075268).

On May 15th, a heavily armed STC force stormed the bank and looted YR 10 billion (roughly USD 14285714 per the exchange rate of the moment.)



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