Western media wake up again!

Western media wake up again!

By Sarah Hassan

The western media, chronically biased in favor of the Houthi warring party in Yemen, have been in some sort of sleep mode over the past weeks until Houthis claimed, on Monday, civilian casualties on their side.

The Shia militia's rocket shelling and killing of civilians as in besieged Taiz last week and the recent enacting of a 20% religious raciest are  heated issues that are being debated in Yemen. They were ignored by the US and British news websites as though there was nothing worthy of writing about in Yemen.  

As Houthis claimed on Monday civilian casualties in an Arab Coalition air strike on their stronghold of Saadah, the western media became attentive again. The Associated Press and the Anti-war have already put out headlines.

"Saudi-led coalition airstrike kills 13 civilians in northern Yemen, Houthi rebels say," the Associated Press wrote.

"Saudi Airstrike Kills 13 Civilians in Yemen," wrote the Antiwar, one of the US news website permanently in sync with the Houthi and Iranian media.

This sudden wakeup from sleep straight into working on a Houthi claim-based story is happening despite the fact that the highly flammable tax issue is still the dominant topic of debate and chances are the unbearable duty may spark a game-changing uprising among the starving Yemenis under Houthi rule.

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