Gov’t official warns about looming environmental disaster in the Red Sea

Gov’t official warns about looming environmental disaster in the Red Sea

Alsahwa Net-Minister of the Fishery Wealth, Fahd Kefayen said on Monday that an environmental disaster looms in the Red Sea if oil spill from the Safer tanker, docking nearby Ras Issa Port, north Hodeida.

Kefayen said that the imminent disaster threatens the maritime environment and the fishery wealth in the Red Sea as over one million barrels of oil could spill from the tanker at any time.

He explained that 150 million-liter oil spill into the sea water will affect large areas of Yemen’s coast on the Red Sea and this will damage the maritime species.

Impacts of the oil spill on the maritime life would be hard to be mitigated for years to come, according to Kefayen.

He held the Houthis responsibility to consequences of the likely oil spill.

He said that the government attempted several times to resolve the issue, yet the Houthis prevented any progress.

Kefayen appealed to the International community to obligate the Houthis to respond positively towards resolving the issue.

Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals, Shawqi Al-Mekhlafi, stated earlier that the Safer tanker could spill oil or explode at any time following reporting of a second hole at one of the pipes of the cooling system that brought water into the tank.

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