Islah Party’s statement on discriminatory amendments made by Houthis on the Yemeni Zakat Act

Islah Party’s statement on discriminatory amendments made by Houthis on the Yemeni Zakat Act

The General Secretariat of the Islah party has followed up the release of racist amendments to the Yemeni Zakat Act. These amendments have raised a debate among circles of intellectuals and media practitioners. In fact, the amendments promote discrimination, create class-based divisions among the citizens and grants race-based privileges to the rebels using the Khumus (one fifth share) which the Houthis group imposed in territory of their control and set up a special bureau to manage this task.

These amendments blatantly disagree with principles of justice and equality in Islam and additionally, they have been issued by a coup gang that does not have any legitimacy in its actions towards the Yemeni people and their state institutions.

The Islah party salutes the Yemeni people and political leaders for showing high levels of national alertness and awareness towards this flagrant act. The Islah party also reaffirms that its early stance towards this putschist group were righteous, and consequences that party’s leaders and members have borne represented the right path because the Islah party knew with absolute certainty the tyranny being orchestrated by this group which aimed at dividing the country and destroying its social structure.

 The discriminatory amendments have exposed the truth about the nature of the Houthi group which was unseen to some people who were misled by the Houthis’ falsifying rhetoric. It is the truth to say that the Houthis represent an expansion of the racist Imamates’ regime that was overthrown in 1962. We should remind here that the Imamates system was founded in the late of the ninth century by Yahya Al-Racy, (an immigrant who came to Yemen and claimed a divine right to the rule in Yemen for his alleged connection to the Prophet Mohammed). Since then, his offspring continued their racist rule by claiming a special status among the Yemenis.

The Islah party renews its unchanged opposing stance towards all practices by this gang, its dark history and its bad theory for governance that they attempt to install by force.

We renew the call to confront this group and intensify efforts until toppling their destructive plot. Presence and survival of this group on any part of Yemen will impede attempts by our people seeking development and decent life.

Based on the foregoing, the Islah party reiterates the following:

First: The republican system that the Yemenis have accepted and fought for decades for its establishment is the destiny of the country. We reaffirm our support to the republican system for achievements it brought, including the constitution and national laws that established equal citizenship and political pluralism. We have no choice, but to drop any call for racism or any ill legislation being brought out of the national constants and references.

Second: The Yemeni identity is the sole bond, affiliation and characterization of all citizens and anyone who doubts the honor of belonging to Yemen with its history, culture and deep civilization heritage is deemed a sick-minded person who is worthy of therapy and penalty.

In this respect, we renew importance of criminalizing all sick calls and voices that degrade Yemen’s history and speak publicly about affiliation to others seeking for privileges to impose on the Yemenis.

Third: Medieval ideas and class-based divisions that the Houthis reintroduce on dividing the Yemenis into Yemenites and Hashemites will absolutely destroy remains of social cohesion and it is them and those who support such action will be the first to be harmed by such racial division. The solution for everyone is to create a state of equal citizenship. The Islah party affirms that the Houthis’ persecution will not last and that our people who have resisted their tyranny for centuries, are today stronger than before.

Fourth: Throughout history, this gang sought and still impose their racist approach to distort the history of Yemen, obscure its civilization features and distort the true Islam, and its great mission that is based on the principles of equality, freedom, human dignity and social justice. And they are doing so by attempts of using their narrative of the religion to support their theory on race superiority and claims of divine political, economic, social and religious privileges.

Fifth: The people of Yemen continue their struggle against this racist group. They have not and will not submit to the theory of race superiority and acts of terror, violence and misinformation that have been widely practiced by this group since its arrival to Yemen. Armed with its civilization and pure understanding of the Islam, the Yemeni people resisted this group’s oppression militarily and intellectually and confronted its hoaxes. Extensive literature has been inked in recognition to the struggle of the Yemeni people and the history reported various stages and schools of the struggle. This includes the early national movement by the grand Yemeni intellectuals including Abu Muhammad al-Hasan al-Hamdani and Nashwan ibn Saeed al-Ḥimyari, schools of innovation and knowledge revival led by grand scholars including Ibn al-Wazeer, Ibn al-Ameer, al-Maqbali and al-Shawkani, and  finally the contemporary national movement that crowned the struggle of the Yemenis with the 26 September 1962 Revolution that declared the republican system.   

Sixth: The Islah party affirms the need to criminalize all forms of racism, class discrimination and anything that opposes values of justice, equality, the right to citizenship and the principle of national affiliation. It called on the Yemeni Parliament to issue a law criminalizing racial discrimination and promoting the principle of equal citizenship for everyone. The Islah party calls on the need to rewrite the school textbooks to liberate minds and protect them against the influence of dark periods of the imamates’ rule.

Finally: the Islah party calls on all political, social and national entities and national figures to stand against this racial discrimination. It calls on citizens to do everything in their capacity to reject this discrimination, to resist it and to reject normalization with it in all methods and forms.

General Secretariat of the Islah party

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