Western media ignore Yemen big story on Houthi discriminatory act

Western media ignore Yemen big story on Houthi discriminatory act







By Sarah Hassan*

The western media, which usually have a low newsworthiness threshold for the day-to-day events that take place in Yemen, are ignoring a big story unfolding in the country right now, only because its coverage will cast the Shia thugs in a bad light.

The theocratic militia fighting against the government for years imposed an exorbitant religious tax law on Monday to benefit the militia's dynasty in their capacity as Hashemites – from the same "lineage with prophet Mohammed."

The tax imposition news was received like a bombshell amongst Yemeni social media users and general public for the militants will levy the fifth of proceedings on all resources despite the fact that Yemenis are one of the hungriest nations on earth because of the ongoing war the militia had triggered six years ago.

Yemenis under the extremist militia's rule in northwestern Yemen are moaning the coming burden privately while politicians, journalists and cartoonists in the government-held areas have been interacting with their audience on the matter intensively since the bombshell news was dropped by the Houthi governing body – the Political Council in Sana'a.

But the issue could not and apparently will not be of interest to any US or British media outlet for it discredits the bigoted Shia theocrats whom these outlets habitually tend to portray as victims and/or freedom fighters in the Yemeni war.

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