STC warlords: From looting Yemen's central bank to destroying cinemas

STC warlords: From looting Yemen's central bank to destroying cinemas

By Sarah Hassan
It is only a couple of weeks since the separatist militia of the Southern Transitional Council looted the funds in Yemen's Central Bank in Aden, amounts worth millions of dollars leaving state employees in the Republic of Yemen without direly needed payments. 
Today, Wednesday, one of the STC's warlords and influential figures in Aden Abdu al-Dayemb has destroyed the oldest cinema building in the Middle East in Almansoora district of Aden using earth moving equipment under the pretext of searching for the tomb of his grandfather. 
Ordinary people driving by the site filmed the destruction process and shared it on social media with cautious audio-only condemnations of the STC's acts in the background of the video clip. 
The interim capital of Yemen has been seeing frequent protests against the lawlessness and vandalistic policies of the UAE-owned militia of separatists and Salafi militants who in August 2019 evicted the UN-recognized government from Aden in copying of the Houthi militia's September 2014 coup in Yemen's north . 
In the link below a social media user cautiously filmed the destruction as he drove near the cinema site.

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