NGO reports over 30,000 child soldiers

NGO reports over 30,000 child soldiers

Alsahwa Net- A group of female human rights advocates said on Wednesday that the Houthis have so far recruited over 30,000 child soldiers since the fighting broke out in late 2014.

In a symposium organized by the Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women, Wesam Basindwa, chairwoman of the Coalition said that the number of child soldiers under the age of 15 years old recruited by the Houthis might exceed 30,000 children.

Basindwa said that the Houthis attract the families with money using their bad living standards in order to send children to fight for the Houthis’ side.

She said that children are vulnerable to brainwash during sectarian courses run by the Houthis.

 The Houthis officials educate the children on the jihad, racial superiority of the Houthis leaders and eventually send the children to the warfronts.

In times of the coronavirus, the Houthis suspended education and encouraged the children to join their warfronts.

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