Yemen's Houthis formalize their religious racism into law, policies

Yemen's Houthis formalize their religious racism into law, policies


By Sarah Hassan

Yemen's Shia extremist dynastical group of Houthis have formalized racism into a law and state policies according to their perverted version of Zaydi Jaroodi Islam.

The Houthi Political Council governing Sana'a enacted on Monday the Khumos (one-fith) bill that will allow them to levy one fifth or 20% of a person's earnings mostly to members of dynasty in Sana'a in their capacity as Hashemites, that is, descendants of prophet Mohammed.      

In the wider Islam mostly dominated by Sunni, the Khums is just for spoils of war but in the Shia view it is for all what a person earns including spoils.

The law applies the tax to whatever is derived from animals, the underground earth and the sea including " milk, dairy products, eggs of chicken, the silk obtained from silk moth" "gold, silver, copper … gas, water, salt, mercury, stones, gravel, sand, marble" "fish, pearls, ambergris" and "honey if earned from trees and caves."

  The new law was met with sharp disdain as well as anger in social media. "The one-fifth applies to honey, sand, gravel, fish, oil, salt and all that you will earn..Oh y God," Hisham al-Harbi, a facebooker, posted. "We are starving and this gang are looking for our egg to tax them," said Seraj Abu Al-Ezz in in an angry status on facebook.

On the level of routine policies the dynastical movement allocated an exceptionally well-equipped and staffed healthcare centers for handling coronavirus patients who belong to the Houthi dynasty apart from the general public's facilities where scores of people die every day as a result of the facilities' inadequacy.

"They allocated the (five-star) Movenpick Hotel to serve as a field hospital. They mobilized the good doctors, the technology, the labs and luxurious kitchens for the benefit of the covid-19 patients who belong to the dynasty," wrote Marwan al-Ghafoori a Germany-based Yemeni cardiologist whose facebook page attracted thousands of followers including Yemeni doctors and western journalists especially in the aftermath of coronavirus outbreak in Yemen.

"The death rate among Hashemite patients in their special healthcare centers is too much less than the rate amongst the rest of the Yemenis" he said. He said, "So far not even a single case was recorded of a Hashemite dying in the corridor of the emergency department. Not one of them has died leaving his family to wonder where to bury them, or died amongst a family both broke and broken-hearted " like the rest of the Yemenis do.

 Although their threshold for newsworthiness of events in Yemen is very low, the western media have a consistent tendency to ignore the news that may discredit the Shiit extremist movement, such as this tax story. Regardless of how serious, concrete and impactful story it is in Yemen now.


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