STC threatens Aden-based journalist with death

STC threatens Aden-based journalist with death

Alsahwa Net-The Aden-based journalist, Fathi Bin Lazrag received on Sunday a death threat by a prominent leader of the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC), Yahya Al-Shoaibi.

“I received a death threat by an STC leader, Yahya Al-Shoaibi. If I was killed, you must know that this man has literally executed his threat,” Bin Lazrag wrote on his Twitter account.

“This is a release to the Yemeni people that Al-Shoaibi is threatening me with death, “he said “I committed no crime except that I sided with Yemen and its people.”

Bin Lazrag said that he holds no government leading post and that he prefers staying in Aden with no willing to compromise on interests of Yemen to foreign countries.

One week ago, Nabil Al-Qaiti, an AFP journalist was killed in Aden out of his home.

Aden experiences growing insecurity and lawlessness amid large deployment of the STC militants who seized Aden last August.

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