Houthis approve discriminating act to steal Yemen's resources

Houthis approve discriminating act to steal Yemen's resources

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis approved on Monday a discriminating act that allows them to steal 20 percent of the public and private resources.

Social media activists circulated a document issued by the Houthis-run Ministry of Legal Affairs that legalizes looting of the country's public resources and citizens' private properties using the Hashemite descendants' right to the share of a certain type of Zakat which is known as the fifth share.

The Houthis' act defines this share at 20 percent which stipulates that this share must be deducted from revenues of oil, mineral resources, gold, fishery wealth, animal wealth, honey, crops, commercial profits and any other private incomes.

Deducted money is to be collected and channeled into the benefit of the Houthis' leaders and eventually divided for families with alleged connection to the Hashemite origin.

Relying on some debated thoughts, the Houthis claim that they are Hashemite descendants  and eligible to be paid the 20 percent share of the Zakat.

The Houthis seek to establish a religious validity to their illegal collection of money from citizens and their stealing of the public resources.

The Houthis who rebelled against the government in late 2014, rely much on the fifth Zakat share to justify their rebellion and attempts for reinstatement of the Imamates' rule that was overthrown in north Yemen in 1962.

The Imamates' rule had been notorious for devoting discrimination using the fifth Zakat share which the Houthis introduced it again for the same purpose.

The new act disagrees with the existing constitution of Yemen that affirms equality among citizens to rights and duties.

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