Britain calls on Houthis to allow maintenance of Safer Tanker

Britain calls on Houthis to allow maintenance of Safer Tanker

Alsahwa Net- The British Ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aron, called on Friday the Houthis to allow the United Nations (UN) technical teams repair the Safer oil tanker in the Red Sea.

Aron wrote on his Twitter account that potential oil spill will destroy the Red Sea and its coast.

The Houthis have been banning the UN technical teams form accessing the Safer tanker for five years amid fears that an oil spill could happen soon as the tanker underwent no repair service.

The government of Yemen warned last Monday that the condition of the tanker has extremely worsened and it will likely sink or spill at any time.

The government said frequently that the region might see a catastrophe bigger than the 1989 US Exxon Valdez Supertanker oil spill that leaked about 250,000 barrels of oil.

The Yemen’s Supertanker contains over one million barrels of oil and any spill will certainly create a massive disaster in the Red Sea region, according to the government and the UN.

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