Houthis recruit child soldiers again

Houthis recruit child soldiers again

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis launched this week a new campaign intended to recruit child soldiers in areas of their control, local sources said.

The sources which the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper quoted on Wednesday said that child soldier recruitment is taking place again amid increasing child abuses in the Houthis-held areas.

The Houthis attempt to attract children to fight for their side by claiming that being in the warfront will provide protection against contracting the coronavirus, the sources said.  

The Houthis officials in Sana’a and elsewhere of their controlled territory began a coordinated campaign to incite residents to send their children to the recruitment camps alleging that it is the best way to stay away of infections.

A father in Sana’a who requested anonymity for security reasons, said that the Houthis officials in Shoob, Shumaila and Al-Safya of Sana’a intensified their efforts among residents since late May to convince families send their children to the recruitment camps. 

The United Nations (UN) and the government estimate that one third of the Houthis’ fighters are children and youngsters.

Instead of telling children stay home to prevent them from the Covid-19, the Houthis call on the children to “save themselves against the virus by joining the warfronts as these places are away from urban centers and free of crowding, according to the Houthis’ narrative.

Parents in conversations quoted by Asharq Al-Awsat, say that children are being persuaded to join the Houthis’ forces without knowledge of their families.

Local sources of Mahwit, Hajja, Dhamar, and Ibb said earlier that scores of less than 18- year- male children disappeared recently which suggests their attraction to the Houthis’ recruitment camps.

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