Ways the world can help Yemen without spending a penny

Ways the world can help Yemen without spending a penny



By Sarah Hassan


The international community can help Yemen without spending a penny as humanitarian aid. Yemen has enough resource on its own that can sustain the Yemeni state to function as it used before 2015, specifically the Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas Project.

This is the country's biggest industrial project and can alone resume propping up the Yemeni state and help the government get millions of dollars in revenues to cover the public salaries and more.

The world can also help by restituting the USD 60 billion looted by the pre-2011 regime back to the Yemeni people. The UN wants to raise from today's pledging conference in Riyadh USD 2 billion plus US dollars for Yemen. The restituted Yemeni assets from countries and banks across the world will not only alleviate the humanitarian crisis but give the Yemeni economy and currency a huge boost. So simple.

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