Hadhramaut’s security arrests militants plotted murder of the governor

Hadhramaut’s security arrests militants plotted murder of the governor

Alsahwa Net- The Specialized Criminal Prosecution of Hadhramaut governorate said on Tuesday that security forces arrested an armed group that planned assassination of the governor, Faraj Al-Bohsoni. 

Chief of the Hadhramaut’s Specialized Criminal Prosecution, Raedi Al-Radi, said in a press release published by the Media Office of the governor, that the prosecution began collecting evidence from the concerned security apparatuses on the arrest of an armed group orchestrated  a death plot against Al-Bohsoni.

In addition to be the governor of Hadhramaut, Al-Bohsoni is a military general who commands the 2nd Military Command in Mukalla of Hadhramaut.

Investigations are underway with the caught members and preliminary findings revealed that other members who engaged in the plot, remain at large, Al-Radi said.

He said that security forces continue pursuing the remaining members who have been involved in the murder scheme.

He added that the prosecution instructed security and military services to intensify efforts on collection of proof to refer the case to the court.

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