UN: Four Yemenis out of every five, need lifesaving aid

UN: Four Yemenis out of every five, need lifesaving aid

Alsahwa Net- Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres said on Tuesday that four people out of every five in Yemen are in need for lifesaving aid.

Guterres voiced this during his remarks to the Yemen’s virtual pledging conference which was co-organized by the UN and Saudi Arabia on the same day in Al-Riyadh.

“More than five years of conflict have left Yemenis hanging on by a thread, their economy in tatters, their institutions facing near-collapse,” said Guterres.

“Four people out of every five, 24 million people in all, need lifesaving aid in what remains the world’s largest humanitarian crisis,” he said. 

The conference is intended to motivate international donors pledge new money to the UN aid agencies to be able continue doing essential activities for the remaining period of this year.

The UN estimates that aid operations in Yemen for the second half of 2020 requires $2.41 billion including programs to counter COVID-19.

More than 30 out of 41 major UN programs in Yemen will be closed in the next few weeks if the required funding failed to be secured, according to Guterres.

He indicated that over 110,000 cholera cases have been reported since January of this year amid the Covid-19 pandemic spread which both overwhelm the health system that is already on the brink of collapse.

He urged donors to continue supporting lifesaving aid operations in Yemen yet stressed on the need for ending the war to address multiple problems in Yemen.

“Ending the war is the only way to address the health, humanitarian and human development crises in Yemen,” said Guterres “Civilian casualties have risen each month this year, and more than 500 people have been killed or injured since January.”

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