Bids to topple government: Terror bombings see spike in Yemen lately

Bids to topple government: Terror bombings see spike in Yemen lately

By Saeed Nebras
As violent extremists from all stripes are intensifying their attempts to topple the Yemeni legitimate government, terror bombings have lately begun to see spike in their number. 
Gunmen bombed an oil pipeline in Hibban district in the eastern Yemen province of Shabwa on Sunday, at least the third such attack this year. Shabwa is considered a south Yemen and southern separatists wanting to take control of the province are accused by the government and the general Yemeni public of standing behind the terrorist bombings. 
A week ago, terror elements killed security police chief Saleh Jaber and his escorts in district of Shibam in Hadhramout, another government stronghold in the country's east. President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his Prime Minister indicated that the attack was the work of Al-Qaeda terrorists. 
Houthis, the ballistic missile-armed terrorist organization with a record of conducting local and transborder attack on oil facilities, shelled and destroyed a key oil facility in Serwah district in the government-run province of Marib on April 4.

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