NGO renews demands for release of detainees

NGO renews demands for release of detainees

Alsahwa Net-The Yemeni Network for Rights and Liberties, a local NGO demanded on Wednesday release of all detainees to avert large-scale outbreak of the coronavirus in detention centers.

Over 10,000 detainees were arbitrarily arrested from homes or workplaces for anti-Houthis activism or suspicious links to government officials.

The organization said it received a report confirming two detainees in the Central Prison of Sana’a were tested positive to the COVID-19.

It called for a swift intervention by the international community to exert more efforts for release of all the detainees with no preconditions.

It held the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths accountable towards safety of the detainees.

The organization blamed Griffiths for slow actions at forcing the Houthis to implement release agreements on the exchange of prisoners.

For its part, the Abductees’ Mothers Association, expressed its deep concern over safety of the illegal detainees who have been in the prison for more than four years.

It demanded immediate release of all the detainees and forcibly disappeared people particularly with the appearance of the epidemic in the prison.  

It demanded the UN and its envoy to Yemen and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to assume responsibility towards the cause of the detainees who have been waiting for justice for over four years.

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