Unjustified long closure of Yemen LNG should trigger questions

Unjustified long closure of Yemen LNG should trigger questions



By Sarah Hassan

Yemen's biggest industrial project, the Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas Project, is not back in operation despite the fact that the Shabwa province where the plant is, has been liberated from Houthi militia in 2015. The province has since been safe.

If this project is operational, the government's share of revenues from this US$ 4.5 billion project will sustain it, help it resume paying public salaries and handle the humanitarian crisis without the need for stigmatizing Yemen as a beggar and starving country in international forums.

The project's return will also help the government to restore itself and its functions.

Why this project and other projects are not back in operation is becoming a public discussion.

Those who, from the beginning of the conflict in 2014, don't want the Yemeni legitimate government to take over are against re-operating this crucial project.

I think the sitting government needs to summon its courage and give an answer why the project is not resumed or it should face the accusation of collusion with the foreign plots.

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