Coronavirus hits war-torn Yemen

Coronavirus hits war-torn Yemen

Alsahwa Net-The spread of the coronavirus is claiming hundreds of lives in Yemen amid the five-year ongoing war that killed thousands of people.

A report by Aljazeera Net said on Thursday that a wave of viruses including the COVID-19 killed about 1,000 people in Aden.

The report said that it traced 200 deaths in the Houthis-held Sana’a.

It said that the reported number suggests that neither the legitimate government nor the Houthis disclose the real number of the COVID-19 cases.

The UN agencies warned last month about coverup of the number of coronavirus cases and demanded openness about the spread of the infection.

Doctors and other sources cited by Aljazeera Net said that the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases reached over 500 cases in Sana’a though the Houthis announced only four cases.

Doctors of the Kuwait Hospital confirmed in conversations with Aljazeera that the facility currently treats over 400 COVID-19 cases and that dead cases are being buried after washing bodies with chlorine for sterilization.

The doctors said that the Zayed Hospital is the second facility where dozens of COVID-19 suspected cases are being isolated.

Families to dead cases who spoke to Aljazeera said that the Houthis threatened them with imprisonment if spoke about death of their relatives by the virus.

Aljazeera said that it obtained lists of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases who were tested by the Central Laboratory, nearby the Kuwait Hospital that receives the coronavirus cases.

Medical personnel that provides the medical care to the COVID-19 patients have been placed by the Houthis-run Health Ministry in Sana’a under health quarantine for about one month, according to Aljazeera report.

Four of the COVID-19 medical team died recently of the virus after their isolation in special rooms, Aljazeera said.


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