COVID-19 takes toll on Yemenis amid persistent coverup

COVID-19 takes toll on Yemenis amid persistent coverup

Alsahwa Net-The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking a heavy toll on the Yemenis despite insistence by the Houthis to cover up the reality about the pandemic spread.

“We buried 15 bodied in one night in one cemetery in Sana’a,” said a gravedigger who works at one cemetery in the capital Sana’a.

This toll coincides with the spread of the COVID-19 and other epidemics that threaten millions of lives.

The Houthis continue concealment about the number of COVID-19 cases despite dozens od deaths taking place in Sana’a every day, gravediggers confirmed in conversations with the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper.

The UN Office for Coordination of the Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Monday that that 91 confirmed COVID-19 cases were announced between 10 to 16 May 2020, an increase of nearly 325 percent from the previous period when only 28 lab-tested cases were confirmed.

It said that contact tracing and case investigations are ongoing with access and security challenges in some areas.

It said that the COVID-19 cases have now been reported in ten governorates namely: Aden, Hadhramaut, Taiz, Lahj, Abyan, Al-Mahara, Shabwah, Marib and Al Dhale’e and Sana’a City.

“The case fatality rate is alarmingly high at 15.9 percent,” the OHCA report said.

 It added that “aid agencies are operating on the basis that community transmission of COVID-19 is taking place across the country and continue to focus on effective case management and protecting the public health system, and on scaling up awareness and risk communication interventions.”

Awareness-raising activities reached about 16 million people in the first half of May, according to the report.

Three doctors of Kuwait Hospital and Zayed Hospital which were set up to provide medical care to the COVID-19 cases, said that the two health facilities are no more capable to receive more cases.

They said that the Houthis bury bodies with no permission of their families.

In the Houthis-held Ibb, locals speak about shocking stories about increasing deaths among members of one family.

In Hodeida, which is also under the Houthis’ control, residents say that the COVID-19 is spreading and that concealment is worsening the curve of the infection outbreak.

The situation is being aggravated by spread of other epidemics including cholera and malaria.

The WHO said that it reported 112,000 cholera suspected cases in Yemen since early this year.

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